Kingsbury Parish Council Minutes


Meeting of Kingsbury Parish Council held on Wednesday,  24th May 2006, at Kingsbury Primary School, Kingsbury


Present:          Councillors:    L Forsyth (Chair), B Moss, A Lewis, S Boydell,

I Thomas, M Moss, S Ayasamy, F Takrouri and H Phillips

Clerk: S Humphries


Apologies:      Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: A Jenns,

K R Cox


601      Declarations of Personal and Prejudicial Interests

  • Councillor I Thomas declared an interest in the minute concerning the Oil Terminal.
  • Councillor Forsyth declared a personal interest in any matters relating to Waterloo Housing Association, by reason of a family member being an employee.
  • Councillors L Forsyth, B Moss, H Phillips and A Lewis declared a personal interest in any Borough Council issues.


602      Minutes

It was proposed by Councillor H Phillips and seconded by Councillor A Lewis:

Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 19th April 2006, are approved as a true record.


603      Kingsbury Link Signing (571)

Councillor Thomas met with WCC and agreed how the signs could be best altered to divert lorries away from the low bridge at Piccadilly. 

A list of observations regarding the recently published Warwickshire Advisory Lorry Route Map 2005 was received from Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils (WALC).  Councillors agreed with all the comments made, adding just one observation that the Clerk would report back to WALC.  It has been agreed that the map will be revisited by WCC 12 months after publication to take account of any feedback received.


604      Street Lighting, Hazelcroft and Hedge adjacent to Hazelcroft (572)

·          Street lighting – All work is now complete and the invoice is awaited. 

·          Trees in Hazelcroft need cutting back – The work to trim the trees was carried out following a site meeting with WCC.  However the resident reported that the tree in the hedge was still obstructing the street lamp.  This would be further reported to WCC.


605      Road Safety Issues, Kingsbury (573)

Further developments to the concerns raised are as follows:-

  • Bus Shelters/Bus StopsArriva had agreed to trial a temporary bus stop for three months in the new location suggested.  This is before the Sycamore Road turning as you approach Kingsbury from Tamworth.  Reports on this are awaited from the bus company although it seems to be well used by the public.
  • Pedestrian Crossing refuges – Locations for possible refuges have been sent to WCC for their consideration.  Nothing further had been received to date although the outcome may depend on what happens with the bus stops.


606      Elevated Footpath leading to Water Park from Church Road, Kingsbury (574)

Councillors were most concerned that the elevated footway had been totally removed without any prior consultation with Local Councillors or the Parish Council.  An explanation/reply was yet to be received and would be followed up.


607      Public Realm Grants Scheme (575)

Due to unforeseen circumstances at NWBC it is not possible at the present time to obtain a quote or get any work completed for the Parish Council.  Therefore, the proposed new bench to replace the old one opposite the Water Park on the A51 Tamworth Road will have to be postponed. 


608      Matters Raised (576)

  • Trees, Wood Street need cutting back – The trees have now been pruned and tidied up.  One new tree was planted with the remainder having to wait until the new planting season in November. 


609      Oil Terminals, Kingsbury (577)

An extraordinary meeting of Kingsbury Parish Council was held to discuss safety concerns on behalf of local residents, following the recent disaster at Buncefield Depot, Hemel Hempstead.  The official findings have yet to be published.

The Manager of the WCC Emergency Planning Unit issued a public statement which has been put on Kingsbury Parish Council’s Website.


610      Sewer Problem Brick Kiln Lane (578)

Severn Trent Water would now assess the building of a manhole chamber outside number 5 due to recurring problems with blocked sewers in Brick Kiln Lane.  They apologised as their records showed that there was already a manhole there. Councillor Takrouri thanked the Clerk for her persistence with this matter.


611      New Street Lamps – Piccadilly (580)

The cost for three additional 5m lighting columns would be in the region of £5,240 to install and service.  Councillors B Moss is still awaiting an answer from WCC to see if they can provide the funding for this. 


612      Request for a shelter for teenagers (581)

The consultation will hopefully be done by the middle of June and if the information has all been gathered from the public and the children in time for the June Parish Council meeting, it will be presented by representatives from NWBC.  The outcome will then have to be discussed at length before a decision can be made.


613      Fibre optic speed signs (582)

Information had been received by the Clerk of a scheme called ‘Speed Aware’ which is the use of temporarily fixed or mobile flashing Speed Aware signs.  Councillor Takrouri had looked into the possibility of applying for this for Hurley using the criteria supplied but it was agreed that a site meeting would be helpful with Warwickshire Casualty Reduction Partnership to clarify whether it was a suitable area.


614      Kingsbury Doctors Surgery (583)

Councillor S Boydell reported that any new patients to the area would be very welcome at the surgery.  Rumours of no spaces for new patients were unfounded.

615      Litter concerns (586)

The following matters have now been attended to.

  • The grass verge from Cliff to Kingsbury is full of rubbish.
  • There is an amount of fly tipping in the access road off Tamworth Road, near to Sycamore Road.
  • There is a road sign in the hedge near to the Kingsbury sign as you approach from Tamworth.


616      Parish Council Swings, Kingsbury (588)

Due to unforeseen circumstances at NWBC it is not possible at the present time to obtain a quote or get any work completed for the Parish Council.  Therefore, the painting of the swing frame will be attended to later in the year.


617      Broken Roof Panels in Bus Shelter, Coventry Rd, Kingsbury (589)

A quote was received from Queensbury Shelters for the repairs to the two broken roof panels and a cost for replacing all roof panels with aluminium ones that would be a lot stronger and more cost effective in the long term.  It was proposed by Councillor B Moss and seconded by Councillor H Phillips and agreed unanimously:

RESOLVED: To replace all the roof panels with aluminium at a cost of £466.36


618      Post Box, Sycamore Road, Kingbsury (590)

The Clerk wrote to Royal Mail requesting that the post box be repainted, but had not received a reply in time for the meeting.  This will be followed up.


619      County Highways - matters raised (591)

The following matters were reported to County Highways:-

  • Problem with drain Tamworth Road-The gulley outside number 57 is silted up and will be attended to.
  • ‘Welcome to Kingsbury’ sign vandalised-The sign has suffered a bit of a ‘ding’ but does not require attention.
  • Parking sign bus lay-by vandalised-This needs a new post and will be actioned.
  • Temporary sign on grass verge needs removing-This will be removed as soon as possible.


620      Lighting matter raised (592)

The following point was reported to WCC:-

  • Lamp out Sycamore Road number 23-This had been repaired but it was noted that it was out again a week later.  The Clerk will report this again.


621      Bus Shelters, Kingsbury (593)

The bus shelters on either side of the road by Ralph Crescent have been vandalised.  Due to unforeseen circumstances at NWBC it is not possible at the present time for them to quote for any repairs.  This will be looked into in the future.


622      Litter Problems raised (594)

  • Litter between the two bridges at Piccadilly, but on the railway side.  The Clerk had reported this to Network Rail.
  • NWBC wrote to residents of properties bordering ‘Linear Park’, Kingsbury, concerning rubbish being thrown over the hedges at the bottom of their gardens.  This has caused a vermin problem in the past.  Councillor Forsyth asked NWBC if the letter could go out to the whole of the Mill Estate to make them aware, but there is a huge cost/time implication for this and he was still awaiting a reply.

623      Motorcycle Nuisance (595)

Vehicles with scrambling motorcycles in them were reported to be using premises on Kingsbury Link.  The Clerk has written to the companies to make them aware of this. 


624      Kingsbury Play Area (596)

A letter was received from a member of the public stating concerns over the Sycamore Road play area.  A reply received from NWBC explained the frequency of inspections and the need for a few minor routine repairs which are being attended to.  An increase in the litter and sweeping up of glass etc will be implemented and so should lead to an improvement in overall cleanliness.  None of the equipment was in a dangerous condition.

Councillors discussed the possibility of contributing to this play area if it was to be put on the programme for new play equipment, the same as Piccadilly, Wood End and Hurley.  Councillors agreed to contribute the same amount of £5000 to this area when it is time to be replaced.  This was proposed by Councillor Phillips and seconded by Councillor Lewis and agreed unanimously.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council would contribute £5000 to Kingbury play area when the Borough Council puts it on the programme for renewal.


625      Speeding Cars, Sycamore Road (597)

The Clerk received a letter from Warwickshire Casualty Reduction Partnership stating that on the basis of the speed data collected in November, Sycamore Road would qualify for mobile speed enforcement.  The Clerk has completed the form required to enable them to look at the issue in detail, although they have indicated that they are dubious as to whether they would be able to find a safe and suitable off-road location.


626      Correspondence

  • North Warwickshire Area Committee – 31st May
  • NWBC-Numbering of new dwellings 1 and 3 High Street, Hurley
  • Open Spaces Society – Appeal for removing path-paraphernalia
  • Local Authority Byelaws in England: A Discussion Paper
  • NWBC – Planning Control Questionnaire
  • NWBC – Removal of BT phone boxes – none in this Parish
  • Pot Holes reported in Wood Street and Boulters Lane. County Highways have repaired them.
  • Hurley Village Voice column in the Tamworth Herald.  The Clerk has been asked if it is possible to pass any relevant information on for the column.
  • WCC – Funding Opportunities for Green Space/Liveability Projects.
  • Clerks and Councils Direct – May Issue
  • North Warks CVS – Celebrates 30 years of voluntary Activities
  • Local Council Review
  • NWBC – Area Forums – Geographical Areas Review
  • WALC Newsletter – Lottery Funding
  • An opportunity to learn and exchange experiences and ideas with other Councils – 17/6/06
  • Public Questions to start from June with prior notification to the Clerk
  • Notice of External Audit has been received.  Papers to be with Auditor for July 17th 2006.
  • VAT has been reclaimed from the last financial year in the sum of £1051.56
  • Heart of England Way Warden reported litter problems and concerns with the Church steps.  Both have been referred to the appropriate authority

626      Correspondence continued

  • Hurley Community Association letter concerning repairs
  • WCC-Community Development Fund 2006/2007
  • WCC-Equality Legislation Awareness
  • WALC- Meeting of North Warwickshire Area Committee
  • Parish Council Achievements


627      Ditch, Knowle Hill

Councillor Lewis reported a ditch needed cleaning out opposite Brick Kiln Lane.  This has been reported to the County Highways department but the ditch is the responsibility of the adjacent landowner.  The Clerk will find out who this is and then County Highways will write to ask him to clean it out.


628      Remains of an old Lorry in Linear Park, Kingsbury

Councillor Jenns asked if anything could be done to move the remains of a lorry which has been there for a long time and now has vegetation growing through and around it.  The Clerk has reported this to NWBC and is awaiting a response.


629      Litter problem in Hurley

Councillor Takrouri reported litter and disused furniture at the back of the mini-market.  This is a walkway used by children to get to school.  The Clerk would report this to NWBC.


630      Bus Shelter by Mill Crescent

Councillor M Moss reported the bus shelter had been vandalised again and panels were dislodged.  Again, due to unforeseen circumstances at NWBC it is not possible at the present time to obtain a quote for this repair but it will be looked at in the future.


631      County Highways matters raised

The following would be reported to WCC:-

  • Uneven pavements north end of Kingsbury – Councillor M Moss
  • Black Path, Hurley (Hurley Common to High Street) is used a lot at night and there are pot holes – Councillor H Phillips
  • Kerb stones by the shop in Wood End need to be more substantial due to heavy vehicle use – Councillor A Lewis/H Phillips


632      Mill Island Planting

Councillor B Moss asked the Clerk to write to BP Oil as they have sponsored the planting on the island in the past to see if they are continuing with this.


633      Hurley Village Hall

The following matters were raised:-

  • Pavements are in a dangerous state outside Hurley Village Hall following building work.  Waterloo Housing will make safe while waiting for a response from the Local Authority to complete the work.  Clerk to be contacted by Waterloo Housing when the timetable for re-surfacing has been agreed.
  • Councillors were concerned that the Village Hall parking spaces are still not marked out and there is a lamp post in the way of the parking bays.  The Clerk would write to Waterloo.
  • The Clerk has been contacted to help find out whose responsibility it is to tend to the flower beds at the rear of the Village Hall.
  • A letter was received from Hurley Community Association asking if permission was needed from the Parish Council and CISWO for windows and fire escape doors to be replaced.  Councillors suggested that the Clerk write to CISWO on their behalf as they have had trouble getting any response.


634      Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at Hurley Village Hall - Wednesday 21st June.


600 Accounts for payment

It was proposed by Councillor B Moss and seconded by Councillor H Phillips:

Resolved: That the accounts listed below be approved for payment.


Clerk’s May Salary                                                                                             £491.61

Kingsbury Primary School-Hire of Hall for meeting                                                £15.00

Admin Costs                                                                                                        £45.88

Warwickshire Playing Fields Association Subscriptions                                          £15.00

WCC Pool Hire Aquanauts                                                                                £764.40

Greenbarnes Ltd – Noticeboard (Minute 490)                                                  £1066.04



Bank Balances                                                    30th April 2006

Current Account                                                              £4027.28

Reserve Account (Clubs and Societies)                            £7635.81

Capital Reserve Account                                               £17994.69