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Stop Loan Sharks 

Volunteer Drivers needed for Beeline Community Transport -

 Anti-Social Behaviour  -   Nuisance Motorcycles  -  WCC Trading Standards Service

NWBC Bouncy Castle Hire



If you see or know of motorcycles being used in a manner likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to you or other members of the public please contact:

The Police on 01926 415000 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111


A loan shark lends money illegally.  They are unlicensed traders who rip you off and often use threats and violence to enforce their loans.

If you have borrowed money from a loan shark you haven't broken the law, they have.  To report them in confidence

call  0300 555 2222   (local call rate)

text 'loan shark' and the details to 60003


To check if someone loaning you money has a licence from the Office of Fair Trading, visit

More information on



Bounce your way to a fun filled day!!           

The Community Development Team offer an action hire scheme, in which local groups, organisations and the general public can hire a variety of leisure equipment for events and parties.

For further information contact the switchboard on 01827 715341



         Registered Charity:  1045957

         Beeline Community Transport, The Partnership Centre, Coleshill Road,

         Atherstone, CV9 1BN


                                                  Volunteer Drivers Needed

      Do you enjoy driving?   Do you enjoy meeting people?   Do you want to get out & about?

  Have you got time on your hands?   Do you own a car?  

Beeline needs you

             For more information call Pat or Gemma on  01827 712278


Beware Doorstep Callers

                        Lock         Keep front and back doors locked

                       Stop         Are you expecting someone?

                       Chain        Put chain on before answering the door

                       Check       Identity of Caller

If In Doubt Keep Them Out

Contact Information: Warwickshire Trading Standards Service

01926 414040 (office hours)

Warwickshire Police 01926 415000


North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership - Advice for Parents and Riders of Motorcycles being used off road

All motorcycles including:                                                                  

Quad Bikes/Mini Motors/Go Peds/Monkey Bikes/Scooters

Are NOT allowed to be used on:

Pavements/Disused Railway Lines/Rights of Way/Bridleways/Canal Towpaths/Parks/Wasteland/Public Land

They can be used on the road if they are:

Taxed/Insured/Registered with the DVLA and have an up to date MOT certificate

The confiscation of any motor-cycle ridden illegally leads to it being crushed.

Advice for Parents

  • If you buy a Motorbike or Quad Bike for your child, YOU are responsible for that young person and their actions.

  • YOU as a parent may be prosecuted for permitting your child to fide illegally-this will affect your own car or bike insurance.

  • The only place off road vehicles can be ridden lawfully is on private land with the land owners permission or at off road centres (where you will probably need off road insurance).

  • We recommend that full protective clothing and a helmet is worn at all times.


Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

The Young Persons Safety Officer is based at the NWBC offices in Atherstone.  Part of his role is to co-ordinate a multi agency response to anti social behaviour (ASB),  In order to do this he is encouraging reports of ASB to be directed to a secure e-mail address:  These reports will then be collated and input onto a database to assess the areas in most urgent need of intervention.  This information will then be shared with the agencies that can best respond to the issues.

When reporting incidents of ASB it is important to include as much information as possible to aid our response.  The information, which is most helpful is:-

Date/Time/Location/Description of behaviour/Names and description of those involved

Although work is done alongside the Police, the capacity to respond quickly to an incident is not possible.  Serious incidents of ASB should be reported to the Police.  Once information is received the areas with the most pressing problems will be visited by the Safety Officer and he will speak to the young people about the nuisance/ASB.


There is a new website that serves as a directory of services for children, young people and families.

This is an opportunity for services in the parish to promote their activities and a great resource from which we can direct people to appropriate services.